Yoni massage

In a detailed preliminary consultation I listen to your thoughts, feelings, desires and concerns before I accompany you in the tantric massage ritual. Calm introductory holding positions will embrace you and will guides you into your physical experience. A gentle massage with warm oil let you breathe again more relaxed and you can sink even deeper into yourself. This way you can enter into the mood, relax and let go of everyday life.

During the Yoni massage we go together on the discovery of your sensuality and carefully explore your pleasure zones. You can open up and enjoy yourself while remaining completely with yourself, without referring to the needs of another. Feelings that arise, be it laughter or crying, may show themselves directly and are welcome. Be who you are and enjoy the sensual gliding in being.


Your womb space is a chalice of deep experiencing and feeling and carries the knowledge for healing your femininity. It is the gateway to the world, ready to give and receive love without limits.

In a womb massage I gently and lovingly accompany you to the roots of your femininity. Through mindful touch and an accompanying conversation, I guide you through the traumas and taboo topics stored in the cells. Tensions and blockages are allowed to discharge in a sensitive and cleansing way. Everything may emerge that wants to show itself. I accompany you in your sensuality and your wild feminine power. I lead you through your anger, your fear and your sadness, your helplessness and your resistance to the core of your being, so that the diamond in you can shine.


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