The dynamics of the man to lead, to direct, to act can now come to rest. You can trustingly let yourself fall and let it happen. My touches, which go beyond the full body massage to include the intimate area again and again, lead you mindfully into the world of your pleasurable sexuality. You don't have to do anything, you stay in a receiving and surrendering position while at the same time waves of ecstasy flow through your body. Just in this passive being completely with you, an intensive experience of your sexual power is possible.

Prostate massage

The prostate, which corresponds to the "G" point in women, is a sex gland in men. It can be felt and stimulated with the fingers over the anal area. The prostate massage can be included in the tantric massage. I prepare the pelvic floor through an intense and sometimes vigorous massage and guide you to focus your attention consciously in this area, to breathe and relax. This experience addresses in a special way the feminine receiving side of the man and can trigger ecstatic pulsating orgasmic waves.

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