The following seminars are also available as individual retreats and for couples

Tantric massage - Holiday seminar in Mallorca

from 12.-09. to 18.09.2022

A tantric massage seminar in a small group of max. 6 -8 people. Together you step out of your everyday life and learn to create sensual spaces. You will enter into an exciting journey of discovery and follow the thrill of adventure, to explore and experiment. 

The Tantric Massage Vacation Week includes:
  • morning meditations to activate your life energy   
  • different sequences, holds and techniques for a tantric massage ritual
  • body and perception exercises to refine the senses
  • breathing techniques and pelvic floor work to awaken the kundalini force
  • tantric massage ritual in unintentional flow
  • kundalini wave and latihan massage
All this is included in a playful and relaxing vacation week on a beautiful finca in the nature reserve in Mallorca with beach excursions, hikes in the Tramuntana mountains and visits to weekly market.
Bring appropriate clothing like lunghi, massageutensils and comfortable clothes  

Cost 950,- €/person with accommodation and meals, in 2-3 bed rooms, we cook together.


Tantric bondage massage - vacation week in mallorca

from 21.08. to 27.08.2022

With playful curiosity and awareness we combine bondage techniques and sensual play of pleasure and pain with the tantric massage ritual, opening up new spaces of experience. Previous experience in tantric massage is an advantage but not a requirement.

Seminar content:

  • Basic knowledge and practice of simple knots and body bondage techniques.
  • Experimentation and self-experience with different "play elements" such as floggers, whips, paddles, nerve wheels, candle wax, etc.
  • Body bondage techniques in combination with a tantric massage
  • Group/partner exercises on the topics of aggression, violence, power, powerlessness, setting limits
  • Approaches to deeper processes in the dominance/submission context, sensual rough play, bonding, etc.

Please bring comfortable clothes, massage utensils, lunghi, bonding ropes, those who have "toys" are welcome to bring them and lots and lots of playfulness.

An exciting vacation week on a beautiful Finca in the nature reserve on Mallorca with free time for beach excursions, hikes in the Tramuntana Mountains and visits to the weekly market. The group is limited to 6-8 people.


Cost 950,- €/person with accommodation and meals, in 2-3 bed rooms, we cook together.


Tantra massages, bondage massages and tantra vacation seminars in Mallorca, Llucmajor near Palma