Ritual for three

The ritual for three is a wonderful joint sensual experience for couples who want to discover their sensuality anew and experience it more deeply. A ritual in which one partner surrenders to the pleasure, while the other one massages together with me four-handed. An inspiring experience for couples who want to playfully enrich their love relationship.

This form of tantric massage for couples can also be extended to a day workshop, so that both can enjoy the experience. Likewise, the ritual for three can be wonderfully combined with bondage massage. A small course in "50 shades of Grey" for the bizarre sensual playground at home. 

Cost for the day workshop incl. snack and relax at the pool 550,- €

Couples massage - seminars

From my practice in tantric massage institutes, I have met many couples who, after an experienced couple massage, would like to learn these techniques to practice them together, but shy away from participating in a tantric massage seminar in a group. I offer a protected private space for a tantric massage weekend for two in a beautiful vacation house in the middle of nature, far away from tourist business near Artà on Mallorca. This house has guest rooms and can therefore also be combined with a vacation in Mallorca.

Together you step out of the everyday life and learn to create sensual spaces. You will embark on an exciting journey of discovery and follow the thrill of adventure, exploring and experimenting. You will enter new territory in the world of sensual experience and open up spaces that were previously hidden. You will learn a complete tantric massage ritual with which you can also enjoy and caress your partner at home.

Cost for a weekend intensive or vacation week in sequences 1.100,- €.
without board and lodging

booking seperate: www.garanga.es

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