Dear Petra,
with joy I may think back to this morning when I was allowed to enjoy your tantric massage. I would like to tell you with the temporal distance of a few hours, my impressions and feelings.
The anticipation was great, because we were allowed to exchange in advance and you have given me the security that I have arrived with my desire, at exactly the right address.
Your welcome was wonderful and pleasant - I immediately felt at ease and was able to leave everyday life behind me as soon as I entered the meditation and massage room. After the preparations you accompanied me very skillfully and with warm words into another world. Since I am adept in such meditations, I can assure you that the accompaniment succeeded in an unbelievable way.
As I am also - but not professionally - a massager, I can state that your touches have reached me exactly there and on the one hand with the desired intensity, but on the other hand especially with the feeling, the tenderness, the determination that I have wished for. Your guidance, your hands and your energy still resonate and will accompany me into the night.
The worldly energy that I was allowed to spend on this experience would have been worth many times more to me and I thank you that I was allowed to wish for the extension into the 2nd hour without further ado and that you kept the time free to be able to realize this. I will certainly want to be your guest again and then also certainly book the extended variant.

Dear and heartfelt thanks for a wonderful work and your wonderful being.


I had the privilege to enjoy a Tantra massage with you. You have awakened sides in me that I did not know before and led me to places, where I have not been before. Your sensual touches made me vibrate, I could just let myself fall and enjoy the ecstasy.

Thank you for your gentleness, your giving, your sensuality, your touch.
I wish you a wonderful day!
Best regards and see you soon

Dear Petra,
I am still completely taken by this sensual and beguiling experience! Thank you for the sympathy and devotion that I could feel and experience during a wonderful Tantra massage with you. It was a single sinking and falling - a pleasure!
I would love to experience this ritual again and look forward to the next magical moment.

Greetings Tom

My first tantric experience:

About 2 years ago I went to Petra for a Lomi-Lomi massage. After a quiet arrival with conversation, I was allowed to enjoy this beautiful oil massage. I felt very well taken care of and safe with her. In the follow-up conversation I could then talk openly about my sexuality with her. I confided in her that I also had the desire to be touched intimately.

Two or three months later I came to her for a tantric massage. Sensitively she talked to me about my needs and concerns. During the massage I felt very comfortable. Petra massages very lovingly and devotedly. I was able to completely dive into myself and my body. Really letting go and feeling myself completely was a profound experience.

This massage experience awakened in me the need to get to know myself, my body and my sexuality even better, especially to be able to say what I like and what not.

I went to Petra several times after that. I feel very well taken care of here and I will be back.

Thank you very much

The experience I had with Petra was beautiful and a journey to myself.
I could completely shut down and feel her sensual and soulful touches. A positive energy developed, which also had a lasting effect.

Thank you very much.

I was allowed to enjoy a sensual bondage massage with you today. It was the first time for me to experience a Trantra massage with integrated BDSM elements. I did not know exactly what to expect and accordingly was my anticipation.

My expectations were far exceeded. The tension between pain and loving gentle touches took me into another world full of excitement and ecstasy. During the whole time I could let myself fall deeper and deeper and at the end of the session I was completely out of the here and now.

Thank you for your time and dedication.
Love greetings R..



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