Sensual magic - bondage massages

I invite you with curiosity and playfulness into my sensual experience space.  

BDSM is with Tantra for me a path of depth, mindfulness, presence, sensuality and intensity. For over 13 years I have been experimenting in these sensual spaces that were previously closed to me. I have studied many religions, meditation practices as well as seminars for self-knowledge, but none has brought me so deeply in touch with my original femininity as experiencing dominance and surrender with intense physical experience. Through a strong conscious male counterpart, I was brought into my true power as a woman through clear consistent yet sensitive guidance and was able to pour out as a chalice of inexhaustible abundance in my feminine being. I rediscovered my sexuality, I was led beyond the limits of my imagination into the dark sensual caverns of my erotic being.

Through intense voluntarily chosen moments of experience of pain, exposure and humility, I encountered resistance, rejection, shame and abysses, the limits of my conditioned patterns that limited me until now. Thus I went through deep inner maturation processes. In the conscious perception and acceptance of the feelings of the moment as well as the active opening into surrender, I came over the threshold of a sensual permanent fire full of lustful living power into the infinite free space of silence and inner peace. I had arrived completely with myself, free, in being without expectation, in love.

Through my experience as a tantric massage therapist I have learned to lead, but I am not a domina. Also, you will not experience an appropriate ambience and session here, for this there are the relevant studios with the trained women. I would like to accompany you on the basis of my experiences described above in the sensual polar world and tie this into a tantric massage. Everything will be discussed in a detailed preliminary conversation to your needs and desires, as well as taboos and limits. We can experiment between soft and hard, wild and gentle, loud and quiet. Bondage, clamps, whip and wax alternate with warm oil, fur, feather and gentle hands. Sensual wrestling, the breath as well as D/S elements can add additional exciting accents to the encounter. Let yourself go on an unforgettable journey to yourself...